Privacera Platform Version 4.5 Now Generally Available


We are excited to announce that Privacera Platform v4.5 is now available! In this release, we have significantly expanded our support ecosystem to provide greater breadth and coverage to offer the industry’s most compatible and comprehensive data access governance solution for cloud, hybrid-, and multi-cloud environments.

Key Features

New integrations with Dremio, AWS EMR Record Server, Qubole, and Amazon Redshift Spectrum

Privacera’s seamless integration with Dremio enables our joint customers to rapidly query data, improve overall productivity of data science initiatives, and securely share data across enterprise with no impact on performance or operations. Dremio’s high-performance, high-efficiency query engine speeds analytics processes, while the Privacera Platform authorizes access to Dremio data lakes and other data lakes and meta stores– like Hive, Hive 2.x, Hive 3.x, Glue, S3, Azure, and more. Privacera also enables consistent, table-level access control policies and automatically enforces and audits them. Read more about this integration here.

With Privacera’s AWS EMR for Spark and Hive integration, enterprises can benefit from Privacera’s Ranger plugin, which is available to help customers gain broader coverage, improved administration capabilities, and a hardened, enterprise-ready data access governance solution that includes: a simplified, modernized user interface; fine-grained access controls; support for high availability; and more.

Qubole’s platform provides end-to-end data lake services, including cloud infrastructure management, data management, continuous data engineering, analytics, and machine learning with near-zero administration. With Privacera’s granular access control, automated tag-based policies, and dynamic masking and filtering, our joint customers gain fast, self-service analytics with automated data pipelines. It also enables consistent security and privacy across Qubole Hive, Presto SQL, and Spark.

Privacera’s database- and schema-level access controls for Amazon Redshift Spectrum — a serverless query processing engine that joins long-term historical data in S3 with short-term historical data in Redshift — enables our joint customers to join and query multiple data sources for comprehensive data analysis and comparison, without compromising privacy and security of data.

GA Support for Databricks SQL

Earlier this year, Privacera was the first data access governance solution to announce previewed support for Databricks SQL, a capability that is now generally available in Privacera 4.5. Coupled with the unified approach Databricks SQL provides for data analysis, Privacera’s advanced security, privacy, and governance capabilities seamlessly integrate with Databricks, equipping users with a fully secure solution that controls data access; ensures consistent access policies across all systems and applications; and enables true data transparency across enterprises to maintain compliance with stringent industry and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD.

Preview Support for Databricks on Google Cloud Platform

Privacera’s extended support of GCP now includes Databricks Spark Clusters, as well as Google Cloud Storage, Big Query, Big Table, and Data Proc. Privacera supports fine-grained data access control for Databricks Spark clusters running in high concurrency mode with Python, R, and SQL languages. The Privacera Ranger plugin for Spark runs within the Databricks cluster and provides access control for all user requests. The architecture of the plugin is similar to the Ranger plugins for Apache Hive, Apache HBase, HDFS, and Apache Kafka and includes a library that is loaded at startup time that runs within the Spark Driver, ensuring all data is accessed via the Ranger plugin for authorization.

Expanded Integrations with Okta and Other Leading Authentication Tools

To simplify and automate our customers’ identity management, we have expanded our integrations with the industry’s leading authentication tools and SSO frameworks, including Okta, LDAP, Active Directory, Azure AD, and the OAuth, SAML, and SCIM standards. With these new integrations, we are removing the burden for data teams who previously had to manually manage user identities and authorization by eliminating labor-intensive, error-prone processes. These integrations enable data teams to:

  • Import user identities from LDAP, Active Directory, and Azure AD, and single sign-on platforms supporting OAuth and SAML
  • Automate user provisioning using identity providers, such as Okta, through the SCIM protocol
  • Reduce process complexity
  • Configure and deploy a fully automated data governance solution in minutes
  • Ensure non-repudiable auditing for critical data assets

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