Access Control

Enable Row, Column and File-Level Access Management on Data in the Cloud

Privacera leverages Apache Ranger to enable continued access governance and gives IT teams the power to manage fine-grained access controls and permissions to any data.

Define All Your Data Access Policies from a Single Console

Privacera’s access management solution, based on Apache Ranger, allows administrators to define data access policies from a single console. From there, Privacera enables distributed enforcement of centralized policies across heterogenous cloud databases and datastores.


Enable Fine-Grained Access Management

Privacera enables row, column and file-level access management across cloud storage and databases using Apache Ranger. Privacera is transparent to the end user and does not impact performance.

Enable Security and Compliance

Protect sensitive and confidential information and provide access to data only on a need-to-know basis to your internal and external users.

Free Up IT

Privacera puts an end to complicated IAM administration by letting data owners define dynamic policies without IT assistance, giving IT valuable time back.

Four Steps to Achieving Data Access Governance

Understand Where Your Data Is Stored

Start by understanding your data, including what data is sensitive, what data is business-specific, and where it is all stored.

Enable Access Management Across Your Cloud Datastores and Databases

Privacera uses Apache Ranger to enable access management. Privacera provides scripts and utilities to easily configure enforcement points across all your cloud datastores and databases. The policy manager includes an easy-to-use UI for administrators to set policies in one place.

Configure Row, Column, and File-Level Access Policies

Privacera provides an intuitive UI for administrators to easily configure policies for SQL and NoSQL datastores and database, streaming solutions, and file systems.

Get to Know Who is Accessing the Data and How

Privacera tracks every user request to data and stores the audit data centrally. The audit data can be easily queried to track who is doing what with your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use users and groups defined in Active Directory?

Privacera can integrate with your Active Directory or LDAP, and can synchronize the user and group information for use in creating policies.

Can I use data classification or “tags” for creating a policy?

Privacera policy manager can use tags to create data policies. Tags can be used as substitutes for file or table names.

Can policy creation be automated?

Privacera policies can be easily created using REST APIs and can be incorporated into DevOps scripts for onboarding or cluster creation.

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